Q: How Long does it take to get my purchase?

A: Once you have purchased a firearm, we will contact you to get the address of the Federal Firearms licence (FFL) holder you wish to have it transferred to for you to fill out the ATF forum 4473 to be able to receive your firearm.

Q: When buying a gun what do I need to do?

A: All Firearms purchased must be shipped to a Federal Firearm Licence Holder. If you do not have one you must provide a local dealer for the firearm to be shipped and a transfer to take place. If you have questions on buying contact us before purchasing.

Q: Do I put the place I’m going to transfer to in the shipping address?

A: You should put down your own address. We will then contact you for the name, address and contact information for the FFL you are shipping it to.

Q: Does Duane’s Gun Repair cover the additional transfer cost for me to pickup my firearm?

A: No. If you choose to do a local pickup the cost of transferring is included in the firearm when you are in our store.
However, the cost of a transfer depends on your local FFL holder. Please contact them before purchases to find out what fees they may charge to complete the forum 4473 and complete the background check(if needed).

Q: If I know my FFL holder can I have them contact you?

A: Yes. If you know who your FFL holder is please have them email a copy of their FFL to ffl@duanesguns.com. They need to include their FFL and then your Order number so we know who the copy of their FFL is for.